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It was in 1986 that the adventure began with the acquisition of Comptoir Stamps and Coins at Place Laurier by Mr. Benoit Doyon, a business that was then 150 square feet. In 1988, the business grew to 540 square feet, employing four people and became St. Croix Stamps and Coins Cards. The company covered three worlds, namely collector cards, stamps and coins. A second expansion was made in 1992, increasing the square footage to 1,490 square feet and the number of employees to ten; we added game cards and shyly introduced some  American comics, and role playing games. The year 1995 saw the birth of a second shop at Place Laurier, L'IMAGINAIRE. The latter concentrated on the world of role playing, comics, figurines and various themed objects on the medieval period. 16 colleagues are then part of the team within these 2 businesses. The expansion continued in 1997 with the opening of a third 1000 square foot business and two employees at Carrefour Charlesbourg. This path leads to a crucial choice that is made in 1999: that of grouping the three establishments into a single area of 4500 square feet supervised by a total of twenty employees. In addition, it is two years later, in 2001, that Cards, Stamps and Coins Ste-Foy / L'Imaginaire decides to be part of the Web by creating its transactional website, The store you know today is the result of 21 years of effort and a final expansion, realized in 2004, which brings the surface of the company to 8000 square feet and which employs about thirty specialists. Our mission is to offer collectors a wide range of products in the fantastic, fictional worlds offered that fascinate them. Our vision is to become the leader in every universe available, that is, to have the most competent staff and the widest selection available in these worlds across the country.

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For information about business hours please contact the store directly 819-200-3733

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