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SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology offers a distinct culinary experience with 12 choices of tartares and tatakis (available as a starter, meal or Poke Bowl), a wide selection of gourmet burgers and 30 expertly crafted cocktails, including a selection dedicated to Québec microdistilleries. SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology restaurants offer a warm and trendy atmosphere for fun, gourmet dining. Wherever they are established, these restaurants change the way people go out, drink and eat. Come try the SHAKER experience! SHAKER at the Carrefour de l'Estrie has more than 250 seats, in addition to a huge 44-seat central bar, a private lounge and a 70-seat outdoor terrace.

Business hours : 

  • Monday : 11h00 to 3h00
  • Tuesday: 11h00 to 3h00 
  • Wednesday : 11h00 to 3h00 
  • Thursday : 11h00 to 3h00
  • Friday : 11h00 to 3h00 
  • Saturday : 11h00 to 3h00 
  • Sunday: 11h00 to 3h00

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