3 ways to pimp up your poutine

3 ways to pimp up your poutine

While there's always an opportunity to enjoy a poutine, did you know that July 20th is National Poutine Day? For the occasion, we're sharing a number of delicious variations on the classic recipe.

Try new vegetables.

Swap the usual potatoes for other root vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, celery root, turnips or even yellow or green beans. Another option is to swap the fries for gnocchi, those little balls of potato-based pasta.


Spice up the sauce.

Use a store-bought poutine sauce or brown gravy recipe as a base and add a piece of foie gras, a splash of red wine or dehydrated mushrooms for a deluxe version. Do you like your poutine "extra cheesy"? Try it with a béchamel sauce in which you add several varieties of strong cheeses. For a more complete meal, add meat such as leftover chicken, bacon, pulled pork, duck confit or even seafood. Don't have much time to cook? Drizzle your fries with store-bought barbecue sauce.


Explore local cheeses.

Unique to Quebec, cheese curds come in an impressive number of varieties that will surprise you with their different flavours, such as fine herbs, sun-dried tomatoes or chili. Explore all the Quebec cheeses during your next trip to Super C at Carrefour de l'Estrie. You can cut the cheese into cubes, crumble it or grate it so that the hot sauce melts it slightly. For a gourmet version, place a ball of burrata cheese or pieces of blue cheese on your poutine.


Carrefour de l'Estrie, always there for food lovers!

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