Essentials for your new home

Essentials for your new home

Many of you moved on July 1. For some of you, this experience is a first step towards your adult life. Others have changed from smaller to larger, or the other way around, if they have chosen a more minimalist lifestyle.

During your preparation, you have probably thought about everything: movers, boxes, change of address, etc. But have you thought about your "after move"?

This is an equally important part of your experience. It's the perfect time to change your décor, to update your essentials.

This article suggests a list of those essentials that may have been lost along the way or could use a little updating.

For the kitchen

Looking to give your dinnerware set a makeover, stop by Stokes; they have a great selection of sets at a variety of prices and styles.  

Bohemian or sleek, whatever your style, kitchen organization is essential, Linen Chest offers several organizational solutions for your drawers.

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For the living room 

Give your living room a little something extra by dressing up the windows with curtains. Bouclair offers a wide variety of fashionable styles for your new home. 

Embellish your chairs and sofas with matching throws and pillows. These little touches will wow your family and friends. They'll be sure to ask you where you got these finds and you can share your secret: Stokes.

In addition to helping oxygenate your rooms, adding plants to your decor will add a touch of color and nature. Stop by HomeSense to see their collection of planters. 

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For the bedroom

Your mattress didn't hold up during the move? Take this opportunity to visit the Dormez-vous team. They can help you find the right mattress for optimal sleeping conditions.

Stop by Meubles R|D to update your bedroom furniture. They have many styles at good prices and for the whole family.

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For the bathroom

Organize your bathroom with help from Dollarama. The store carries a large selection of stylish jars and containers that will help you keep Q-tips and hairpins in one place.

If you have a small bathroom, think vertical. At HomeSense, you'll find shower servants that help you quickly locate your essentials for body care or bathroom cleaning. These are versatile and don't take up much space.

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Also, think of Réno-Dépôt for your after move. In addition to having created a section dedicated to moving on their website, their on-site team will be able to help you with your new decor.

All the shops mentioned in this article are at the Carrefour de l'Estrie, which means that we are truly partners in your daily life.

PSST, before you store, visit the PROMOTIONS section of our website; you could save big.

Happy shopping.


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