Information Booth

  • Stroller and wheelchair rental*
  • Rental of portable chargers for Apple (5 and 6), Android and Windows cell phones. The charger must be returned the same day, before the mall closure*
  • Coat check (free)
  • Package, purchase storage (free)
  • Self-service locker accessible every day. You just need to bring your own lock. The locker must be emptied at the end of the day, before the mall closure*

* These services are free upon the presentation of a valid ID.

  • Shopping centre gift cards available here
  • Lost and found items
  • Lost and found persons
  • Information on shops and mall; maps
  • Tourist information on City of Sherbrooke and Eastern Townships Region

Family Services

  • Nursing rooms are now availables. One in the restroom section of the food court and the other near the central mall. You will find a microwave oven at your disposal for baby food or milk. In addition, a larger family bathroom is available to accommodate families with strollers.
  • For families with infants: high chairs are available in the food court and changing tables are available in the shopping centre’s ladies’ and men’s restrooms
  • Stroller rentals: available at the Information booth
  • Parking spaces reserved for young families and pregnant women near the main entrance and the food court on the Portland Boulevard side.

Accessibility for Individuals with Reduced Mobility

  • Wheelchair rentals are available at the Information booth
  • Push-button automatic doors are available at all our entrances and at the back of the shopping centre giving access to washrooms
  • Parking spaces reserved for individuals with reduced mobility at all seven entrances to the shopping centre
  • Toilets for the disabled in all public washrooms
  • Exclusive bus terminal for specialized transportation at the back of the shopping centre (passageway to washrooms)
  • Elevators are available at La Baie (the Bay). To access the first level of the mall, you can also use the new elevator located in the food court, near La Baie store.

Other Available Services

  • ATMs: CIBC in the shopping centre’s main entrance and opposite the food court. There is also an ATMs near the information booth.
  • A free wireless Internet service is available in the mall.
  • Alterations: De Fil en Aiguille shop near the food court and Sears
  • Shoe Repair: Talon Minute located near the main entrance (north side)
  • Photocopies, Faxing and Post Office : Pharmaprix drugstore
  • STS Bus Passes and Schedules: Pharmaprix drugstore
  • Employment Window: Check the listing of job opportunities in the shopping centre.
  • To access the first level of the mall, you can use the escalators located in the food court, near La Baie store. Escalators are also available at La Baie
  • Engraving and Keys: Boutique de Gravure kiosk near Centre du Rasoir between the Center Mall and Sports Experts
  • Information Boards: To help you move around in the shopping centre, a map of the mall is posted in five areas : near Simons store, in the center mall, opposite the Sports Experts store,  in the corridor near the Bay and at the food court.
  • The collection of obsolete  small electronic devices : the Electrobac is located in the food court, near the escalators.
  • Walking club. Inscription in the Information booth.
  • Service charging stations for electric cars.